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Same Sex Marriage: No side are said to be “rallying the troops” in rural Ireland


The upcoming same-sex marriage referendum on May 22nd is beginning to gain momentum. The Yes side have put their stales out first with many Fine Gael and Labour TDs calling for the referendum to be passed. These include Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Tanaiste Joan Burton.

However, it has emerged this week that the No side opposing the referendum for a litany of reasons have managed to gather a “significant number of troops” to extend their voice around the country.

The No side are said to be gaining much traction in rural Ireland, while a new younger outfit of No campaigners are said to be hitting the ground running in Dublin starting this week.

The polls are showing a breakdown of 60/40 in favour in of the Yes side, but as one No campaigner told this reporter “It’s very early days in terms of a campaign, this is definitely winnable and we have people in all corners of the country”.

As the campaign unfolds and the arguments are being held, it is clear that the momentum is now with the No side in the campaign.

The Liberal is currently holding weekly Vox Pops around the country until referendum day. Our latest one was held in Sligo town over Easter, and the results of which will be published on our website tonight at 9pm.

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