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Seven baby rice products found to contain DANGEROUS amounts of arsenic


At least seven types of baby rice foods have been shown to contain dangerous amounts of arsenic according to new research.

The shocking discovery which was made by Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped programme, has now led to some professionals calling on parents to limit their use of rice foods when feeding their baby.

It is understood the programme found that of the 26 products tested a quarter of rice baby food products were found to have broken European Union food safety rules.

The alarming discovery which was uncovered by the programme has already led to a food research expert to call on parents to restrict rice products from their babies diet.

Speaking to the programme food research expert Professor Andy Meharg, said that rice is more problematic when it comes to arsenic as it aborbs an excessive amount of water as it grows.

Prof Meharg told the programme that parents should not give their child more than 30g of rice a day.

Although the programme uncovered the high amounts of arsenic in the products, that have however refused to identify which products contain the most.

It is understood that long term exposure to arsenic could result in a number of serious medical conditions including cancer, heart disease and kidney problems.

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