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#1 Child abduction: Gardai calls off child abduction alert in relation to the disappearance of 15-year-old Sait Canbullu, whom was previously believed had been bundled into a car and taken away against his will. Due to recent developments, Gardai believe this is no longer the case, though the child’s whereabouts are still being investigated.

#2 Hostage killing: UK Prime Minister David Cameron vows to ‘hunt down’ those responsible for the killing of British aid worker David Haines.

#3 Mountjoy prison: A damning report finds that prisoners housed in the Separation Unit were ‘inactive’ and that the facility was ‘dirty’ and in a state of ‘general neglect and decay’. The inspector recommended the immediate closure of the unit.

#4 Dublin raid: Guns found after separate raids on two houses in Dublin this afternoon. Two women and one man have been arrested. The raids targeted organised crime.

#5 North Korea: US citizen Todd Miller has been sentenced to six years hard labour in a North Korean prison camp. According to North Korean sources, the young man has received this sentence for ‘committing acts hostile to the North while entering the territory under the guise of a tourist.’ Miller is said to have torn up his visa and demanded political asylum.

#6 Hijab row: A row has erupted over the wearing of the traditional Islamic head scarf, the hijab, in some Irish schools. A leading academic from Trinity College, lecturer Dr. Ali Selim, said that ‘the hijab is an essential aspect of character for Muslims,’ and that depriving them from wearing it is ‘threatening to their identity.’ The Department of Education said in an statement that ‘uniform policy is a matter for individual schools.’

#7 Sexual assault: Investigations underway after an alleged sexual assault in Waterford city. The incident is said to have happened at around 4am on Sunday morning. An area of the city has been sealed off for forensic investigation.



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