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Shocking: Parents hit out at Leo Varadkar over the unbelievable dangers of the HPV vaccine


Parents of children given the controversial HPV vaccine were not given information packs about the treatment under HSE directives.

Over 240 Irish teenage girls have reportedly suffered severe side effects, including migraines, rashes, seizures, infertility and even premature menopause after they received the cervical cancer vaccine.

Support group REGRET have said the HSE and Health Minister Leo Varadkar have ignored their requests for help, and have told them the procedure is ‘safe’.

REGRET Spokeswoman Karen Smyth’s daughter Laura is one of the children affected, said their “lives have been destroyed”.

Karen said: “Leo Varadkar is stonewalling continuously. He will not answer direct questions. He just keeps reiterating the same mantra, that this vaccine is safe.

“It’s not safe when there’s 247 girls, and I’m not exaggerating anything when I say this, their lives are completely destroyed.

“I have a child lying on the couch since first year, she should be doing her Leaving Cert. She can’t go into school, she can’t socialise, she can’t do anything.

“They have no energy. There’s chronic pain, a lot of them are having seizures. Several of the girls have menstrual disruption, extremely painful periods or, more frighteningly, they’ve stopped.

“Some have been diagnosed as infertile or in the menopause – this is horrific stuff they’re going through.”

The HPV vaccination programme was first introduced to schools across the country in 2010, by then Minister for Health Mary Harney who was happy to roll out the vaccine.

Karen continued: “That has compounded my own feelings of guilt, that I allowed this to happen to my child.

“In brackets afterwards they have the website where people can go on and look for that PIL [Patient Information Leaflet], knowing full well most parents will either trust the HSE, or the school.”

“In my case it, I felt that because it was coming through the school, it was really something important.”

“It had the backing of the school, it was adding credibility.”

“It’s like it was premeditated. Leave it out all together and they won’t know. All of our kids have all the side-effects that are listed on that PIL.”

Side effects listed in the HSE PIL include pain, redness or swelling in the arm where the patient was vaccinated, headache, dizziness, nausea and fever.

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