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Social welfare recipients want extra €850 payment reinstated in Budget 2024

There are urgent calls from the government to reinstate the €850 one-off bereavement allowance, which was last awarded in 2013, reports The Mirror.

The bereavement donations were intended to support families and cover funeral expenses.

Think-tank Social Justice Ireland has called for the reintroduction of Bereavement Allowance due in 2020 “if the Government is serious about reaching poverty targets”, reports The Mirror.

It also reported: “Recent research from the Irish Hospice Foundation shows that 30,000 households every year are impacted by a bereavement with many facing difficult and unforeseen costs. The Bereavement Grant should be reinstated at the rate of €850 per person deceased at a cost of €31m,” reports The Mirror.

The current social protection minister, Heather Humphreys, confirmed there were “no plans” to bring back the subsidy.

In response to questions from Fine Gael TD Bernard Durcan in February this year, Humphreys said: “It is estimated that the cost of reintroducing the grant would be close to €31million per annum and would increase annually. Any decision to reinstate the grant would have to be considered in an overall policy and budgetary context,” reports The Mirror.

She added: “It is worth noting that there are a range of supports available for people following bereavement which provide more significant support than the former grant. These include weekly Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner’s pensions, which are based on contributions or a means test, and a once-off Widowed or Surviving Civil Partner grant of €8,000 where there is a dependent child. A number of social welfare payments, including State Pension, continue in payment for six weeks following a death, extending to 12 weeks in respect of Carer’s Allowance. Guardian payments are available where someone cares for an orphaned child,” reports The Mirror.

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