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Spirit Radio is a radio station with a difference


Spirit Radio began just three and a half years ago. It was Ireland’s first Christian  radio station. Interestingly Ireland was one of the last countries in Europe to have  a dedicated Christian radio station. The station received their licence just as the  recession began.  Despite economic challenges the radio station has continued to  grow,  and their latest listenership poll from Red C shows that Spirit Radio reaches  over 206,000 people every week.

The vast majority of media coverage today is all doom and gloom. Bad news stories seem to rule the roost in the majority of media outlets. “At Spirit Radio we try to do the opposite. Life is challenging enough, our role is to be a positive sound and to lift and encourage people every day” says CEO of Spirit Radio Rob Clarke.

So much focus seems to be on the bad when there really is so much good in the world. “We have a lot to be grateful for, at Spirit we try to remind people of that,  We want to do something different.”

Despite a very minimal advertising and marketing budget Spirit Radios listenership has continued to grow. The station could double its listenership if it rolled out transmission across the nation. €168,000 would be needed to do this.  This is a one off cost for each transmission site. The station is currently broadcasting in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Waterford and Limerick.  They also reach Bray, Greystones and Dundalk. Over the next 18 months Spirit hopes to roll out to another 14 towns.

“Our listenership is growing, unfortunately lack of finance is what his hindering us from achieving this. We really operate on a shoestring. About half the team working  with Spirit Radio are volunteers.”  Rob explained.

“Of course it is challenging to focus on the positive. With our news programmes we cannot ignore the negative. We are always looking for positive and inspirational stories from around the world.”

Spirit Radio is a Christian station, it is a key part of its remit. The station focuses on delivering the Christian message in a way that is accessible to everybody. “Spirit Radio has shown that there is a place in the market for an up-beat station with an encouraging message. We hope that Spirit affirms people of faith or opens the door to people exploring faith in their lives. Spirit is accessible to people of all faiths and none, a big  part of what we do is engaging with listeners who have drifted away from their faith and are searching for answers and meaning.”

Today the station is launching a pledge drive asking listeners to support them.

“Like so many other charities, things are difficult. We have been here before. But the commitment among the team to keep the station going is amazing. The feedback from listeners over the years has been so encouraging.  We hear stories all the time of how the station has helped people through a difficult time, or how important the station is to them. It is so important to get this encouragement especially when times are tough.”

Since they began Spirit have never really been able to market the station, most people hear about the station through word of mouth.

“When people come across Spirit I think they are really pleasantly surprised by it. It doesn’t fit the preconceived notion of old hymns and Gregorian chant. The music is upbeat and the presentation is fresh relevant and accessible”

Wendy Grace is a presenter with Spirit Radio she has been involved with the station since its inception. “I have presented a night time show since the station began. I have worked in a few other radio stations both local and national and Spirit  Radio has something special. It really has been amazing to get so much positive feedback from listeners who get in touch saying how Spirit Radio has had a positive impact on their lives.”

“My show looks at lifestyle and relationship topics. I try to cover issues through a Christian lens and I think listeners find that really refreshing. People are really hungry and searching for meaning in their lives and I think Spirit plays a huge role in that. For some Spirit opens the door to faith, for others it helps them grow in faith and for many that listen to Spirit they aren’t  church goers at all but they like listening to the Station because what we do is different and gives hope to people. We look at life differently, we cover stories differently you don’t need to be of any particular creed to want to focus on the positive in life. ” she said.

You can listen to Spirit Radio

FM Dublin: 89.9 | Limerick: 89.8 | Galway: 91.7 | Cork:90.9 | Waterford: 90.1 | Nationwide 549MW

You can donate to Spirit Radio at http://www.spiritradio.ie/support/donate/

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