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Tanaiste hears an uncomfortable truth from a schoolboy

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The truth sometimes comes from the most unexpected sources.

Amhra Carey, a pupil at the Educate Together school in Hansfield, Dublin, told it like it is today, and simply voiced what everyone else is thinking.

Tanaiste Joan Burton was present at the school to ‘turn the sod’ on a new building. The school is actually located at her own constituency.

Afterwards, she stayed for a debate with the pupils, and that’s when Amhra took to the stage in the school hall to deliver his vocal ammunition.

In a rousing speech, he addressed Ms. Burton and said that ‘up until now we haven’t had water charges as such.’

He continued, “but we have been paying indirectly through motor taxes for our water. So from now on, for two years, if you own a car, you are going to pay two flat rate charges and if you don’t own a car you will be paying one flat rate charge. This is not democracy, this doesn’t make any sense.”

“And you will have to pay for all the leaks on your own property.  But they say there are water charges so you don’t have to pay for leaks, it just doesn’t make sense. Why would we pay for a system ridden with leaks and pollution? The pipes need to be fixed before we have to pay.”

Amhra’s words hit home hard, eloquently expressing a message of rebellion against the water charges, a message that permeates all levels of society.

Ms. Burton made no reply to the schoolboy’s comments.

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