Taoiseach arrives in Atlanta, US, for annual St. Patrick's Day visit

Taoiseach arrives in Atlanta, US, for annual St. Patrick’s Day visit

EU Heads of State Summit, Brussels, Belgium - 24 Mar 2011

If there is one thing that Enda Kenny must think while splashing water on his face during his morning ablutions is ‘Yep, it feels good to be me’.

Mr. Kenny has arrived in the United States for his traditional St. Patrick’s Day visit, and will address a series of business and political leaders as part of the Government’s plans for bringing more overseas business into Ireland.

The Taoiseach will also play the part of Grand Marshal of the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Atlanta, which is expected to draw over 80,000 spectators.

While in the States, he will also enjoy a trip to Austin, Texas, before attending his annual visit to the Whitehouse in Washington DC.

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