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TD Expresses Deep Concerns Over New Sex Education Policy for Junior Cycle Students in Secondary School

The government has failed in its legal duty to consult with schools and parents, despite creating a woke sex education curriculum, that dilutes the existence of ‘men’ and ‘women’. This is not a fact-based biologically accurate sex education curriculum, but indoctrination of children in gender identity ideology written by NGO lobby groups, according to Deputy Mc Grath.

The leader of the Rural Independent Group of TDs, Mattie McGrath, has expressed deep unease at the new sex education policy for Junior Cycle students (12 to 15 years old) in secondary school. The policy seeks to promote a “new gender self-identity doctrine,” which is causing “great anxiety” among parents. McGrath argues that the new syllabus, which covers topics such as sexual consent, pornography, and LGBTQ+ issues, including sexual orientation and gender identity, will force schools to follow learning outcomes that go against their ethos.

McGrath believes “that the new curriculum must be based on the understanding that biological sex is significant, binary, and immutable. He is concerned about what he refers to as “ideological capture” in schools, where gender ideology is being imposed on students without proper consultation or consideration of the long-term effects. There are serious question marks over how this new policy seeks to inexplicably fail to use the terms “male”, “female”, “boy” or “girl” anywhere.”

According to McGrath, “the Education Department has not consulted with parents or schools, as required under section 9D of the Education Act 1998. Many parents are extremely fearful of the significant impact of the upcoming changes. McGrath urges the government to consider the concerns of parents and engage with them, as is their legal entitlement, before implementing new policies.”

“Children’s education must be guided by a common-sense approach that respects their biological sex and ensures their safety and well-being,” emphasized McGrath.

“We don’t even know the exact guidance that will be given to teachers, and sadly, it appears to prioritize ideology over safeguarding and protecting children. A policy that renders girls and women invisible except for reference to their bodily functions is more than counterintuitive. Women and girls do not experience violence, abuse, and oppression because they are feminine, but because they are female. This policy is a stunning example of political correctness gone mad, and I will not support it,” stated McGrath.

McGrath argues “that schools must effectively prevent the “social transitioning” of children. He believes that proper safeguarding protocols must be followed, rather than schools agreeing that a child has been “born in the wrong body. McGrath asserts that it is not compassionate to affirm a child in their confusion and agree that all their problems can be solved by changing gender.”

In conclusion, McGrath believes “that the ruling elite has been ideologically captured by highly funded non-governmental organizations (NGOs), hook-line-and-sinker, and that the new sex education policy for Junior Cycle students must be urgently debated on the floor of Dail Eireann.”

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