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TDs have claimed an average of €147,000 during the current Dáil’s lifetime



The public money gravy train rumbles on while everyone else gets taxed on their very means of survival.

Most TDs supposedly working for the betterment of the country’s citizens have each pocketed an average of €147,000 in expenses and allowances since the formation of the current Dáil.

And even though these expenses are meant to be vouched since January this year, only one in 10 are asked to provide receipts.

TDs receive these payments on top of their yearly wages of nearly €88,000, and the monies are largely tax free.

These shocking revelations come just ahead of a week where the final details on yet another tax on the people, the water charges, will reportedly be announced.

Though TDs can choose not to receive any of these perks, only one TD, Labour’s Eamonn Maloney, does not claim any expenses.

Mr. Maloney has admitted to being criticized by other TDs about his stance on expenses.

Records show that payments to TDs since March 2011 have totalled €24.4m, with just over €600,000 being subjected to tax.

Random audits since the beginning of this year have shown that many TDs did not spend what they had claimed. Over €525,000 had to be paid back during the same timeframe.

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