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Teenager sentenced for hoax bomb threat at Dublin Garda station

A “creative” Dublin teenager who made a fake bomb threat against a Gardaí station, demanding release from a holding cell and the release of a Republican prisoner, has been sentenced to two months in prison.

The 17-year-old was held at Clontarf Garda train station but he tampered with his phone and gave it “a Northern taste” as he made two 999 calls from a holding cell.

At Dublin Children’s Court, Judge Paul Kelly heard the teenager had threatened to detonate a bomb at Garda train station if its prisoners were not released and another bomb at a shopping center if ‘Whacker Duffy’ was not released from Portlaoise prison would.

The court assumed the threat was caused a “bit of a panic”, but a “seasoned” constable was not convinced. The teenager was caught using the mobile phone and his holding cell was checked.

After the initial panic, Garda HQ was able to determine that the call was coming from a telephone pole in the Clontarf Garda train station area.

The court heard the teenager “feigned a northern accent and was demanding the release of all prisoners at Clontarf Garda station,” the court heard. The garda added there were “explicit threats that a bomb would be detonated if he was not released by 2am”, reports Breaking News.

The court heard that the sergeant on duty was very relaxed and did not believe the threat was real, thus avoiding widespread panic and preventing the Garda station from being evacuated.

Garda McCarthy said he had to force the phone from the teenager and the device was later analyzed.

The court heard the teenager was already serving a sentence from other matters, noting that he had already been convicted 39 times of theft, robbery, burglary, public order, possession of stolen property, obstructing a Lake Garda and other offences had been.

Judge Kelly said a case like this had never before been tried in children’s court, reports Breaking News.

Defense attorney Doireann McDonagh said her client was a creative and intelligent young man who was comfortable and educated at the Worktown Detention Center.

The boy, who was accompanied to the hearing by his mother, did not address the court.

The judge heard he was inebriated at the time of the incident, but now he regrets it, reports Breaking News.

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