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Terrible economic news for the northeast as eBay pulls all its 150 jobs out of Dundalk


Staff were informed this afternoon at the Dundalk branch of eBay that up to 150 jobs will be gone within the next year.

Rumours about the future of the auction website company had been speculated for months, but today the confirmation happened.

Its sister company, Paypal was divided from the main eBay company last July. It appears Paypal’s status is safe for the time being.

Louth TD Peter Fitzpatrick made the following comment on the eBay situation:

“First and foremost my thoughts are with the workers of eBay who have received bad news today. Now is the time for positive solutions to help these staff and their families; we don’t need talking people down Dundalk and making things worse.

“Since rumours first emerged about the future of eBay in Dundalk, I worked closely with the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, and the Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor, to try source an alternative premises in the town for eBay. Unfortunately the company has decided to locate elsewhere but I will not stop advocating for the workers affected. I want to see as many as possible of these employees offered alternative employment within the company in their Dublin base, and I am also working hard to assist them in accessing job opportunities with other companies in Dundalk.

“The Department of Jobs has given me a commitment that they will assist these workers as they try to source alternative employment.

“Furthermore Louise Phelan, Vice President of Paypal Global, has today given me a commitment that Paypal will increase its Irish workforce to 3,000 people between now and 2018. I look forward to working with Ms Phelan in relation to this, to ensure that as many as possible of these jobs are situated in Paypal’s Dundalk operation.

“I know this is a very tough day for people whose jobs are affected. However the future is bright for Dundalk with the potential expansion of Paypal in the town.

“Recent CSO figures show that this country has 2 million people at work for the first time since 2008 and that employment is growing in every region.

“Now is not the time for political point-scoring, or talking down Dundalk, which only adds to the stress and worry of the workers. I will leave no stone unturned in my efforts to help these staff source alternative employment and to ensure that jobs continue to be created in Dundalk and across Louth.”

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