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The ISIS Crisis has reached a new level of terror



The fanatical Muslim terror group ISIS have increased their threat to peace of the Western world by recruiting thousands of new jihadi fighters via social media.

Twitter with the watchful eye of the American Government decided to delete all accounts associated with ISIS. Overnight, more than 30,000 new ISIS accounts were setup. 30,000!

The surge of this group has been predominantly due to social media sharing and discussions to do with the terror organisation. Graphic images of beheaded soldiers, and even worse videos of innocent journalists being beheaded have helped the Muslim groups propaganda campaign.



At the EU Commission at the weekend, they held a one minute silence in honour of the fallen journalist, David Haines. The Britons murder is the 3rd in succession of posting videos online which depicts the horrific beheading of innocent journalists. The first was James Foley, the second Steven Sotloff and most recently David Haines.

At the end of every video, another captive is shown in front of the camera and his life is threatened unless allied forces pull out of Iraq.

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