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Thieves steal televisions and toys donated to Crumlin Children’s hospital

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A man has called into The Anton Savage show, which airs on Today FM to talk of how items have been stolen

from the wards in the hospital.

The individual, named as Phillip from Donegal recounted a visit to see his niece in the hospital where he
had been shocked to discover there were just two televisions remaining in  22 bed St Michael’s Ward.

When taking the issue to the staff, he was told of the “rampant thieving of hospital property by locals and families of patients”

Many items donated to the hospital for sick children have been stolen.

He also reported that he had seen a sign on a storeroom door “apologising for the lack of tea and coffee as someone
had stolen the jars”

Nurses had told him that parents had been caught on the day of his visit, stealing electronic games.

The businessman, in a letter to the radio show  said that “TVs have been stolen, the TV remote controls,
toys, electronic games even though some of these have been tied, locked and/or screwed down”


In his letter he stated that he was going to donate a television with padlocks for every room
in St Michael’s Ward “in the hope that it even makes one child happy”.

He wishes for himself and his business to remain anonymous as he does not want to recieve “personal recognition for this action”.

In conclusion, the man wrote in his letter that the aim of his letter had been to “highlight the issue in the hope that it may encourage someone to take action to prevent this from happening as it is an ongoing issue in the hospital and not just an isolated case”

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