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Thousands of parents will receive payment worth almost €400 in the coming weeks

Thousands of people across the country will receive payments totalling nearly €400 in the coming weeks.

The Back to School Allowance (BSCFA) will be paid in the week beginning July 10 and is intended to help cover the cost of uniforms and shoes for children going to school, reports The Mirror.

It is paid automatically to many families, so you do not need to apply for LSCFA in this situation.

This year, however, people will receive an additional 100 euros, which was already announced at the beginning of the year as an increase in the cost of living in the spring.

Reports The Mirror, here’s everything you need to know about payment:

– Getting a qualifying welfare payment or participate in an approved employment, education, or training assistance program
– Your family is within the income limit
– You and any child you claim live in Ireland

To receive the back-to-school clothing and footwear allowance, your child must:

– Aged 4 to 17 on September 30 – the year you apply for BSCFA
– You are between the ages of 18 and 22 and will return to full-time, second-level education at an accredited school or college in the fall of the year in which you apply for the BSCFA

Any income you receive from Child Benefit, Rent Subsidy or other LLF Income Supplement, Working Family Payments, Care Allowance, Blindness Allowance, Rehabilitation Training Allowance, Rehabilitation Employment (up to €165 per week), Home Care Allowance, Mobility Allowance and Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) is not contain, reports The Mirror.

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