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Three year old Liam Mc An tSaoi gets to go home after spending 3 years in hospital


Three year old Liam Mc An tSaoi, who has spent his entire life in hospital, has arrived home to Galway this week.

In an interview with the Hearld newspaper His mother Louise said “He’s in tip-top form. He’s brilliant, he’s flying it,”.

The brave young boy, who suffers from a chronic lung disease, has had 15 life-saving operations and until yesterday had spent his entire life in a Crumlin children’s hospital in the capital.

Young Liam arrived home at to a heroes welcome from all members of his extended family.

“We weren’t expecting anybody and all my sisters were in the house.” said Louise.

“Liam – he just clapped. He absolutely clapped when he came in,” said his delighted mum.

The exited mum went on to say “I’m just excited to start life – as we know it, not as he knew it in a hospital.

“Going up and down for nearly four years, you end up living in a hospital and get used to it.
“It becomes normal but it is absolutely not normal,” she added.

Liam, who is four this September, was “brought up in isolation,” explained his mother. “He used to be on two litres of oxygen a day and now Liam takes virtually none”.

He is also “catching up,” development-wise, said his mum.
Although young Liam does not talk yet he does baby sign language so his family can communicate with him.

“We went shopping yesterday and he absolutely loved it,” said Ms Mc An tSaoi. The Galway mum is also very thankful to all of those who helped her.

She said “I just want to thank anybody who was involved in Liam’s care. “Anyone who supported me and stood by me. My family mostly especially in my bad days,” said Ms Mc An tSaoi.

Louise also said that the whole  experience has taught her a lot, changing her whole perspective on life. Saying “I take every day at one time. I think about a situation now. I used to plan two and three years in advance but not anymore.
“The real truth about life is life itself, not money.

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