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Ebola -Threshold to Armageddon


Pirate broadcast, somewhere in Conakry, Guinea. Unconfirmed.

The city is dead. Stay away. We don’t know how much longer we’ll stay on the air (coughing sounds). We are all sick. I repeat: The city is dead. Do not come to Conakry.

Uplink established. Transmission begins. Page 1/2. Formatted at source.

Six individual species of the Ebola virus have been identified. The deadliest among them is Zaire ebolavirus. Its mortality rate approaches 90%, with an average of 83%. This organism is designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a Risk Group 4 pathogen, requiring Biosafety Level 4 equipment. There is no known cure.

This tiny angel of death takes its name from the Ebola river in Zaire, where it was first identified in 1976. There have been several Ebola outbreaks since then. The latest (and thus far, the largest, with over 750 cases reported) is ongoing as of July 2014. Some local sources have referred to the current outbreak as ‘out of control‘, in terms of scale and geographical spread.

Intercepted electronic communication @7:28 UTC, June 19, 2014. Page 1/1. Origin: Monrovia. User feed traced.

Went to hospital today, to look for Ma. Doors were closed and there were soldiers shooting at anyone who tried to get in. I saw a big fire inside the hospital. I ran back, came across two nurses dead from the disease, just lying there on the ground. Their faces were very pale, and there was blood caked all over their skin. Their eyes were open and very red. It was horrible. I’ll try the airport tomorrow, though people say it’s closed. Do not come here, brother.

Ebola’s incubation period in humans ranges from 48 hours to 3 weeks after coming into contact with the virus. The onset of symptoms begins with a fever, throat and muscular pain, and headaches. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea follow soon after. Then, bleeding. Contrary to popular belief, however, death does not occur due to hemorrhage (blood loss). Rather, the patient perishes due to multiple organ failure.

Ebola’s natural reservoir remains an elusive mystery. It has long been speculated, but not proven conclusively, that bats may be the virus’ natural host. Bats have certainly been involved in all of Ebola’s outbreaks. In 1999, for instance, at least 60 miners died in northeastern Congo. The mines they worked in were infested with bats. Nevertheless, scientists have so far failed to isolate the virus. This organism remains as elusive as ever. Ebola kills swiftly and efficiently, covering its tracks, making it nearly impossible to trace back to a host.

Known strains require direct contact with infected fluids or bushmeat for humans to acquire the disease. However, Ebola has demonstrated a tendency to mutate. The scientific community’s nightmare scenario is that Ebola becomes airborne.

Link terminated. Transmission ends. Page 2/2.

Moscow TV station broadcast. November 2014.

Citizens of Moscow; the country is in a state of emergency. 317 new cases have been reported in the last 48 hours. Please move any dead bodies out to the street, army trucks will collect them. Evacuation of children is a priority. Listen to next broadcast at 19:00 for further instructions.

Transmission intercepted via Budapest comlink array. 14:46 UTC, January 09 2015. Source unconfirmed and untraced.

(garbled) city shut. Dead in their thousands (unintelligible) (gunfire) rapid airborne spread (gunfire)(expletive) (unintelligible) overrun.

Boston, emergency channel communication. Source verified.


Already 12 major American cities have become uninhabitable. Contact with New York was lost at 3:01 yesterday after all bridges across the Hudson were blown. All air traffic in and out of the eastern and western seaboards has been restricted to military operations. Any civilian aircraft attempting to enter US airspace will be shot down without warning. The National Guard has been fully mobilized, and border checkpoints have been setup all along the Canadian and Mexican borders. Infected subjects will be shot on sight, to curb the rapid spread of the disease. The President is currently onboard Air Force One, and official sources say he is being advised on the possibility of a nationwide Nuclear Cauterization Program. Further bulletins every hour.

Good night America, and God help us all.

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