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Top 10 safest cities in South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful and diverse country at the southern point of the continent. However, the country is notoriously known for high crime rates. In turn, let’s show you the safest cities in South Africa.

South Africa has a very high rate of crime, so it’s absolutely necessary to be vigilant when visiting. However, like any country, there are dangerous cities and cities that are known for being safe!

So, if you’re planning a trip to South Africa or perhaps even planning on moving there, let us outline the safest cities in the country.

  1. George – sits along the Garden Route

Sitting along a coastal stretch known as the Garden Route, George is the second biggest city on the Western Cape.

People travel to George for everything from honeymoons to golf trips and more. While George has seen a rise in crime since 2021, it remains one of the safest cities in South Africa.

  1. Cape Town – a cool and cosmopolitan vibe

Also located in the Western Cape, Cape Town is a very popular city amongst tourists. While it is thought to be a dangerous part of South Africa, it’s actually one of the safest.

Like most cities, there are always certain areas you should avoid. However, Cape Town is a bustling and vibrant city and one of the best places to live in Africa.

The city is surrounded by towering mountains and hugs a sparkling coastline. If you get the chance to visit, you definitely should.

  1. Paarl – where the Afrikaans language came to be

Sipping your way across the Paarl Wine Route is such an enjoyable way to experience this South African city.

This is actually where the Afrikaans language was developed. In Paarl, this creation is commemorated by an incredible monument known as the Taal monument. This is thought to be the only monument in the world that is dedicated to a language!

The population of Paarl is very small and has a crime rate to match.

  1. Upington – much safer than other cities in South Africa

Located in the Northern Cape of South Africa, there is a relatively small population of around 75,000 in Upington.

According to 2021 crime statistics, Upington is safer than 76% of other South African countries. Top attractions to visit are the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Orange River Cellars, and the Kalahari-Orange Museum, to name a few.

  1. Kimberly – so many things to see

Kimberley is located in the Northern Cape and has many wonderful attractions to visit. These include the Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art Centre, The Big Hole and Open Mine Museum, the McGregor Museum, and so many other things to experience.

It is considered one of the safest cities in South Africa as the crime rates are relatively low. However, like anywhere, the city still has crimes occur.

  1. Jan Kempdorp – a calm and relaxed city

Jan Kempdorp is a prosperous city and is known for being very safe. It is a city with a leisurely and relaxed feel and is certainly a lovely place to live.

While there is crime in Jan Kempdorp, it tends to occur on the outskirts of the city in rural parts, primarily amongst farmers.

  1. Kuruman – one of the most peaceful cities in South Africa

Kuruman is located in the Northern Cape and is one of the most peaceful places you will find in South Africa.

It is known by a second name, ‘The Oasis of the Kalahari’. The city was built around a natural spring known as the ‘Eye of Kuruman’ and has very little crime. Plus, it has a thriving economy.

  1. Warrenton – a quiet place with little crime

Another city in the Northern Cape, Warrenton is a small and quiet agricultural city. This is a great place to live if you’re looking to set down roots in South Africa.

You’ll live a quiet, peaceful life in Warrenton, as it’s perfect for those looking to truly experience the culture of the country by meeting people who live and work off the land.

  1. Rustenburg – the Platinum City

Once known as the town of rest, Rustenburg is now known as the Platinum City. It’s one of South Africa’s fastest-growing cities, thanks to the platinum mining industry.

Rustenburg is yet to see the problems that arise with urbanisation. While crime occurs, statistically speaking, this is one of the safest cities in South Africa.

  1. Mahikeng – beautiful cultural influences

Close to the Botswana border, the cultural influences in Mahikeng are really something special to experience.

Previously known as Mafikeng, black culture is celebrated here, its culture is rich, and the people are very friendly. This is a fantastic city in South Africa that boasts low crime rates.

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