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Two more groups of people tipped for cost-of-living lump sum in Budget 2024

Families across the country are anxiously awaiting Budget 2024 and the additional payments that come with it, reports The Mirror.

Now two more groups will face an increase in the cost of living in the coming budget, as Social Security Minister Heather Humphreys is reported to have fought to ensure that special welfare recipients receive a flat-rate bonus of €200 this autumn to cover rising costs.

Reports suggest that the minister is already pushing for everyone entitled to fuel allowance, single living allowance and working family allowance to be included in the upcoming bonuses, but there are rumours that they will also include two more groups:

Carer’s Benefit is a weekly social care payment for people who care for someone who needs support because of age, disability or illness, including mental illness.

To receive a care allowance you must:

Must be over 18 years old

Complete the test one way

Provide 24-hour care to a person who is not in a hospital, convalescent home or other similar facility

Do not live in a hospital, convalescent home or other similar facility.

Not undertake more than 18.5 hours per week of employment, self-employment, volunteering, training or any educational course

Be habitually resident in that country

Disability Allowance is a weekly benefit paid to disabled people. You can receive Disability Benefits from the age of 16. You can receive Disability Benefits even if you are at school.

To qualify for Disability Benefits you must:

You have suffered an injury, illness or physical or mental disability that has lasted at least one year or is expected to last at least one year

Be significantly limited by your inability to perform work appropriate for someone of your age, experience and qualifications

Age should be between 16 and 66 years old

Pass the means test – the means test shows all of your income

You live in Ireland and meet the habitual residence conditions

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