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UKIP Leader, Nigel Farage spoke on The Late Late Show about protecting countries from ISIS bogus refugees


In what many people on social media are calling a “refreshing interview” on RTE’s The Late Late Show, UKIP Leader, Nigel Farage spoke candidly about his fear that ISIS could be sending bogus refugees to both Britain and Ireland.

Farage elaborated about wanting better and stronger border controls for refugees and immigration. He said he wants a much fairer and safer system, such as the one that both Australia and the U.S. use.

Their system is a points-based one where people have to declare themselves to not have a criminal record and have their own health care. They must be self-sufficient and not rely on their new state for welfare.

Farage’s party, UKIP managed to change the whole political landscape in the UK over the last number of years. He forced David Cameron’s hand into promising the British people a referendum on whether they leave the EU or not – something that many Irish people wish was on our table too.

He went onto say that the general Irish media is in love with the EU and lies to the Irish public about certain EU matters. He says he believes that Irish people are actually EU skeptical and that they have far more intelligence than the likes of Michael Martin and the general media give them credit for.

Farage, who was once married to an Irish woman, said he loves Europe but thinks Ireland got shafted with the amount of money the Irish taxpayer had to pay to prop up a “failed project”. He wants free trade between all countries, and a far better, safer, and stricter border control – something that many Irish people, agreeing with Nigel Farage on social media, are expressing tonight themselves.

Farage pointed out that he thinks, and many of his Irish friends and Irish people he has met have said it to him, that the saddest part of Irish politics is that there is no Irish political party that represents so many Irish people who want to leave “the failed European Union” – it was only meant to ever be a free trade agreement, but he says that the Euro and various things Angela Merkel have tried to implement have completely failed and have only caused major difficulties between the whole continent.

A very interesting and refreshing interview to see a businessman/politician talk without being afraid of political correctness.

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