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Ukrainian tourists were among 21 people killed after bus crashes in Venice

Image source: CNN

At least 21 people have been killed and at least 15 injured after a fiery bus crashed into a district of Venice, Italy, across the lagoon from its historic centre, reports Breaking News.

Firefighters and other rescue workers tried to retrieve the bodies and put out the fire late into the night.

According to the Venice prefecture, at least four Ukrainians and one German were among the dead.

Local authorities said five citizens of France, Spain and Croatia were among the seriously injured.

At least two of the dead were children, Venice prefect Michele De Bari said, adding that many of those involved in the crash were “young”.

A bus carrying foreign tourists fell from a cliff in Mestre to a campsite near the town of Marghera on Tuesday, a Venetian official said, reports Breaking News.

The injured were taken to five different hospitals in the area.

According to local media, the bus fell a few feet before crashing near the Mestre railway line, where it caught fire.

Veneto region governor Luca Zaia told RAI state television that the cause of the accident was still unclear.

“This is an important tragedy, but it’s difficult to understand how it happened,” he said. “The bus was new and electric, and that street wasn’t particularly problematic,” reports Breaking News.

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