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Uproar in Kilkenny as local people stand firm against proposed Mega-Mosque

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There’s uproar in Kilkenny over a proposed mega-mosque being built in the locality. Locals in Kilkenny believe that the mega-mosque will attract thousands of muslims from across Ireland and the UK.

The people of Kilkenny have spoken out strongly against the proposed super-Mosque that would serve as a major Islamic centre for the south Leinster, north Munster region.

The five-million-euro Islamic complex would be a hub for Muslim for a large part of the country, but the development has proven to be almost universally unpopular with the people of Kilkenny who made their feelings crystal clear at a public meeting in O’Loughlin’s GAA club.

The meeting was called by Fianna Fail TD John McGuiness and Cllr Andrew McGuiness. Deputy McGuiness’ brother Eugene stated that he has heard from almost every family in the area of the proposed super-mosque and “99.9% are against it”.

The residents have said that building of the Islamic complex would bring noise pollution and massive traffic backlogs but more importantly to the people of Kilkenny it would be an affront to a sacred Famine memorial in the vicinity.

Similarly, unpopular proposals for mega-mosques have made elsewhere in the country, namely in Blanchardstown, Dublin where residents spoke out forcefully against the Islamic centre there.

It is yet to be seen if the concerns of Irish citizens will be acknowledged or if Irish citizen rights will again be forfeited in the name of political correctness.

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