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Uproar in Laois as 110 migrants are due to receive beautiful houses

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There’s been uproar on social media, in particular from Co Laois residents, who are outraged as so many Irish people are homeless and, in what appears to be overlooked, in favour of Syrian migrants.

Ireland is taking in 110 Syrian migrants to be housed in Co. Laois and many locals aren’t happy.

According to LaoisToday, the Department of Justice and Equality has advised the Laois local authority that 110 refugees have been allocated to Laois County Council for housing in 2019.

This latest influx of migrants is said to be part of the Irish Refugee Protection Programme which was established in 2015 where Ireland agreed to accept four thousand refugees under the UNHCR Resettlement and EU Relocation Programmes.

It must be stated that no referendum was held to see if it’s what the Irish people themselves wanted, however.

A total of 22 Syrian families will arrive in the small county of Laois where the Council will be obliged to provide seven 2-bedroom houses, eleven 3-bed units and four 4-bedroom houses in the County to house the migrants.

Meanwhile close to 10,000 Irish people are officially homeless which many, many people feel should be looked after before any migrants.

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