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Video: THUG repeatedly punches defenseless woman on Dublin bus


This is the face of a pathetic thug who viciously attacked two decent, honourable and innocent victims on a Dublin bus on Wednesday, July 23rd.

The unprovoked attack happened no the number 40 bus at 10:15pm when it was passing the Old Village in Kilmainham. The attacker sat behind two american’s who are living and working here. The man and woman could see the man was extremely drunk. He started to verbally abuse the housemates who were travelling home from a work night out.

He got more aggressive and started assaulting the man, punching and kicking the innocent victim until he was on the floor of the bus.


The woman then started recording the attack on her phone and said she was calling the Gardai. What happened next can only be described as sick. He turned his attentions to the woman and started punching and kicking her too.

The attack was caught on passing CCTV and the Gardai have asked the public to share it on social media in an effort to find the assailant.

The victims had to go to St. James’ hospital and pay a hefty €100 A&E charge. They suffered cuts in their mouths, bruising to their faces and cuts on the legs. When on earth will the ministry of justice in this country impose stricter sentences for thugs like this.

Watch the video here:

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