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“What about that then”, Bill O’Herlihy reveals that he never liked Jack Charlton


Recently retired RTE presenter Bill O’Herlihy has revealed in a recent interview that he never liked former Republic of Ireland manager Jack Charlton.

Former sports presenter Bill made the comments during an interview on Tv3’s day time show ‘Late Lunch Live’ who questioned him about his career and subsequent retirement.

When asked about his interview’s with the former Republic Of Ireland boss Bill said: “I didn’t like Jack (Charlton),” “Jack would have had no time for a fella like me because I didn’t play soccer at the level that he’d be bothered with.
“And I also had the view – this is a very personal view – that if you didn’t work for BBC or ITV or Sky, you wouldn’t quote”. “I remember many, many times John Giles got some very, very tough interviews on the side, after matches, when he talked to Jack and Jack would be anything but polite. “He’d be at the very edge of rudeness. And I remember when John Giles came a few times to us and said: ‘Ah, Jack’s been at the charm school again, we can see’.”

Bill also went onto say that his incident with Jack Charlton happened during a Christmas interview. “After the World Cup I had to do one more interview with him, for Christmas,” he said.
“I was about 15 minutes into it and I asked him a question, he answered, and I asked him a follow-up question when he said: ‘Stop the interview!’. “I asked what was wrong. “‘Do you know what you’re trying to do?’ – he said to me ‘You’re trying to get me in trouble with the English media and the English people’.

Bill told of his response of Charlton’s claims “I said that I was simply asking a natural, logical follow-up to a question. “Then he said: ‘You know what? You have two options now: you can stop and start again or I’m leaving’.

Bill also told the presenters that:”The producer took the view that he had one hour to fill, so we started again,” Bill joked: “But Jack was nice as pie. He got his own way…”

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