Since their emergence in the 20th century, online casinos have attracted gamers regardless of their expertise or motivations. After all, they have always been convenient and have allowed people to nurture their love for games in a safe space. But nobody could have predicted just how big this industry would become towards the end of the second decade of the 21st century.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, people could no longer visit land-based casinos. And this impediment led to increased uptake of online casino services, with more people realizing that sites like Casumo had a lot to offer. They could access several games at the tap of a button and could not believe their luck.

We look at why online casinos keep outpacing their land-based casinos in a war that seems to favor them:

Why Are Online Casinos Popular?

The popularity of online casinos comes down to the weaknesses of land-based casinos. Why? Online casinos were created to fill the gaps in the gaming industry. For example, people living in far-flung areas could not easily access land-based casinos, yet they can now play with many others worldwide. In this way, online casinos solved the issue of location.

You will note that most of the factors we outline below have a lot to do with the shortcomings in land-based settings. Let’s get into it:

  • The Games are Calm

Think about the atmosphere in land-based casinos. There are people everywhere with staff waiting on you. Some people like such environments and actively seek such casinos to enjoy such vibes. But to some people, all that flurry of activity impedes focusing on the game. How can they decide if they should double down or stand when there is someone next to them watching them? It is especially unnerving for newbies who may not even understand the rules of the games.

At home, you do not have people around you, and you can also opt to mute the music coming from your device. It allows you to be present and focus on the game, devoid of distractions. And for beginners, this is a huge plus as they can figure out the game’s kinks before ever playing against anyone else.

So, online casinos win for people who:

  • Prefer gaming in silence,
  • Are new to gaming and wish to learn at their pace.

Of course, land-based settings are still winners for extroverts who prefer busy environments.

  • They Have Fewer Restrictions

Assume you want to enjoy a poker game at a land-based casino. What would you need to do to enter the venue? Many casinos have a range of requirements that can curtail their clients as follows:

  1. Location: If you want to play at a land-based casino, you must go to the establishment. And for people who live in rural areas, that can be quite the hassle. With online casinos, you can access the game from your device and do not need to commute anywhere to play.
  2. Time: As much as it would be great if casinos were open 24/7, that is hardly ever the case. Even in gambling hotspots, you still come across many casinos that have time limitations. Of course, this is a downer as you cannot place wagers anytime you wish. Online casinos have solved this with their 24/7 availability. It does not matter what time you access the system – you will always have the chance to play.
  3. Space: Land-based casinos take up actual space and thus limit how many people they can serve at a time. Thus, you may want to join a game only to find that you must wait for the current group to finish playing. Is this the case with online casinos? Hardly – you can play any game at any time. These games take up space in servers, and your presence will hardly affect that of other players.
  4. Dress Code: We all know that casinos are pretty strict regarding appearance. Some require clients to wear formal outfits, while others will allow you entry even when in a smart casual look. However, a casual look is not an option. And who wants to keep dressing up each time they want to play a game? Online settings thus make the better option as they allow you to show up as you are.

With all these benefits, who would turn away an online game?

  • They Are Cheaper

Once you set the commute, tips, and drinks costs aside (which accounts for many of the land-based casino costs), you still save money by playing online. Why?

  1. The Buy-Ins Are Low: Unlike land-based setups, which have costly overheads, online casinos barely spend money on most operational expenses. As a result, they do not need to charge you for these costs and thus allow you to start playing even at a cents level.
  2. They Offer Rewards: Most casinos will offer you incentives to play with them, including bonuses and promotions. Some even have VIP programs where you spend less to win more.

Most players choose to save cash and play online for these reasons.

Working with trusted online casino game websites is vital if you also want to venture into online games. They not only provide security, but they also live up to their word by paying out winnings. The easiest way to find a suitable site is to focus on:

  • Its game variety,
  • Its payment methods,
  • Its security and data protection policies, 
  • Its customer service, and
  • Its licensing – only work with sites that have the proper licensing.

These factors will help you sort the wheat from the chaff, and you can later narrow your choices based on navigability, aesthetics, etc.

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