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Will Smartwatches Take Off in Ireland?

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When smartphones became popularised around 2007 with the original iPhone, they quickly became a must-have. As communication tools, they could be infinitely more flexible than traditional mobiles and corded solutions, and their expansions via software delivered a constant influx of new opportunities. The same can’t be said about smartwatches, however, despite sharing much of the same potential. With the Apple Watch launching in 2015, it’s still far from the common site that iPhones are in Ireland today. Looking at the potential and capabilities of modern smartwatches, we want to explore just how far they’ve come, and why it might not matter for the people of Ireland.

More Advanced than You Might Think

Like how smartphones are more than just phones, smartwatches can accomplish feats far beyond what their namesake might imply. For an illustration of this potential, consider the advanced possibilities available in modern services like online casinos. Experiences like those at Paddy Power’s online bingo websites can scale to smartwatch screens using HTML, and while it’s not ideal, it can still work. Some titles like Blackjack and Twistar can run on smartwatches at full performance. The screen size might not be perfect for playing, but in terms of browsing, collecting bonuses, and claiming wins, it can still work.

A Question of Choice

The issues that arise for potential smartwatch users, from Ireland to beyond, are perfectly illustrated by how online casinos operate. Sure, you can do a lot with a smartwatch, but do you need to? The time function of a watch is often null today thanks to the ubiquity of cell phones, and those concerned about battery life or privacy will stick to traditional models, as noted by MillenaryWatches. Beyond that, most of the other potential of smartwatches is similarly overruled by other devices.

You can play some casino games on smartwatches, but access doesn’t mean it’s preferable. You own a smartphone, which is far better suited to online betting titles, and most other forms of software. If better control is key to your playing experience, then a laptop or desktop will be the better choice. If you just want a watch for style, then a mechanical replacement is widely regarded as a classier choice.

Market Change

Smartwatches are a technology that grows more popular with an ageing tech generation. According to a report by GlobeNewsWire, the smartwatch industry expects a 14.9% CAGR until 2028. This means an overall market value increase from $18.6 billion to USD 58.2 billion, with the US and youth populations acting as the fundamental drivers of growth. In 2021, the wristwatch market was valued at $62.8 billion, on a lower 5% CAGR until 2028. Eventually, it appears smartwatches will take up a greater market share, though Ireland will likely be behind places like the US and Korea in this regard.

Image source: “Sony Smartwatch” (CC BY 2.0) by Janitors

As for the future use of smartwatches, that’s a difficult question to answer. Ultimately, their success might not be in entertainment software like casino gaming, but as a simple security and payment tool. Touchless and digital payment methods have grown hugely over the last few years, and smartwatches improve this functionality and safety to new heights. For many of us, however, going back to watches is never a choice we’ll consider seriously.

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