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Woman left paralysed after she hit her head on toilet after falling in the bathroom

Image source: Mirror

A former nurse was left paralyzed after hitting her head on the toilet in a fall at her home.

Marie Ogilvie is unable to move her arms, hands and legs or even breathe on her own after the horror that befell her home in Perth, Scotland, in August.

As the Daily Record explains, she went to the bathroom around 10:30 p.m. after complaining that she didn’t feel right with her husband Jim.

Ten minutes later, Jim heard a thud and rushed to find his wife on the ground, bleeding from her nose.

“When I first saw her lying on the bathroom floor I thought she was a goner. I tried to stem the flow of the blood but I was panicking. She started to come around and told me to ring an ambulance. She remembers sitting on the toilet, leaning on the water basin, and then she must have fallen off the seat and banged her head. While we were waiting for an ambulance, she became aware she couldn’t move. She was just so helpless,” Jim told the Record, according to Mirror.

After spending six weeks on a ventilator in the hospital, Marie had a tracheostomy tube inserted before undergoing surgery to repair the damage to her neck.

Doctors then told Marie and Jim that she is a quadriplegic, which means that she cannot voluntarily move her arms, hands, and legs.

“Marie was able to speak for the first time last week. I was in tears at the side of her bed after not hearing her voice for what felt so long. I’ve been by her side the whole time, and it’s costing a fortune living in a hotel for all this time but I want to be here every step of the journey,” Jim said, reports Mirror.

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