Woman sends daughter to school with a note begging to be rescued from abusive boyfriend

Woman sends daughter to school with a note begging to be rescued from abusive boyfriend

A Las Vegas mother sent her daughter to school with a note asking to be rescued by an abusive boyfriend, leading police to find the girl’s baby brother dead in a freezer, authorities say.

The grisly discovery in northeast Las Vegas was sparked by her mother’s desperate plea for help, which was read by her daughter’s school teacher and then passed on to police, authorities said.

“That note indicated that the mom was being held against her will,” Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Ray Spencer told reporters. “She also stated that she did not know the whereabouts of her preschool-aged child”, reports NBC.

When investigators arrived at the Saddle Brook Park Drive home, the mother told them she was concerned her 4-yr-old son was dead, authorities said.

“During the course of that interview, she described that she had undergone abuse by her boyfriend, who she lived with, and had been inquiring about the whereabouts of her child and believed that the child may possibly be deceased,” Spencer said.

The woman’s boyfriend, later identified as 35-yr-old Brandon Toseland, had prevented the mother from leaving the house or entering the garage, and that’s where police found her son’s body in a freezer, authorities said.

The mother told police that she had not seen her son since December 11th. The friend, who is not the children’s father, was arrested and charged with suspected kidnapping, authorities said. His name has not been published. Investigations are ongoing.

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