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Woman turned away from club by bouncer because of her looks was then assaulted and robbed

(Image source: Cavendish Press/Metro)

A woman in Manchester was attacked and robbed after being refused entry into a night club when the doormen told her she couldn’t come in because of her looks.

According to the Metro, 39-year-old Claire Sidebottom aas out for the night when she was refused entry to the club.  She took her phone out to record them so that she could report them to head office.

At that point the two doormen grabbed her bag and pulled her in safety barrier.  She was then pushed and dropped her phone and at that stage an “unknown hooded man” grabbed it and ran off.

Miss Sidebottom, who is a full-time mum, said that she never saw her phone again and that it contained precious photos of her baby that she can never get back.   She also said that she feels very nervous when she is out in town now as she is afraid that she will be hurt by another bouncer.  Her son was receiving medical treatment and she was unable to take calls from the hospital due to the loss of her phone.

It was later determined by police that one of the doormen – 33-year-old Christopher Cash – was in possession of two kubotans.  These weapons are used in martial arts for self-defence purposes.  Cash was ordered to pay £1000 to Ms. Sidebottom as compensation after he admitted robbery, common assault and possession of an offensive weapon. He was also ordered to do an 18-month community order, 120 hours of unpaid work and 15 rehabilitation days.

His defence counsel said that he was genuinely sorry about what happened and that he had resigned from his job, saying that the victim “did not deserve to be assaulted”.  Speaking about the sentence, Miss Sidebottom said:

“I’m glad this man’s been punished, even though I don’t think what he got was enough.”

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