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World supplies of Prosecco may be about to run out

If you are one to enjoy a glass or two of good ole’ Prosecco, you may be in for a shocker.

Due to a few successive bad harvests of Glera grapes, from which the sparkling wine is made, worldwide stocks are running dangerously low, sparking the possibility of a global shortage during the summer.

According to leading producers, last year’s harvest was particularly bad due to poor weather conditions, down by almost 50% in some parts.

Prosecco enjoyed a meteoric rise to stardom worldwide when the financial crisis hit, as it offered a cheaper alternative to champagne. And due to the current global shortage, producers are releasing their stocks slowly, and are taking the chance to push up prices big time, by about 50% in some cases.

So hold onto any bottles of bubbly you have, as they may be your last for a while.

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