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10 Best Designer Watches for Men to Buy Online in Ireland

Watches come in several shapes, sizes, colours, and prices. While some watches are affordable, others give the wearer an almost untouchable status. However, there is a middle ground when it comes to buying watches for men

Luxury watches is a $7 billion industry, and that’s expected to grow over the next few years. You can find an amazing and stylish designer watch without shattering the bank into a million pieces.

In this post, we’ll cover the 10 best designer men’s watches Ireland has to offer. 

1.) Calvin Klein K6K311

The Calvin Klein K6K311 might be minimalistic but doesn’t fall short in terms of style and luxury. It comes with the performance of any luxury vintage watch, but with a few modern tweaks. Not only is this watch extremely fashionable, but it’s also durable enough to wear outdoors. The minimalist sleek design goes with just about any attire, so finding an outfit to match is effortless. 

Those looking for a high-quality yet reliable and practical watch should consider going with the K6K311.    

2.) Timberland Duston

Timberland is a reputable brand in the watch game and has been for quite some time. Their Duston watch accurately displays why Timberland has developed such a strong reputation. This digital watch comes with all the luxury and logic you need from a timepiece. 

The Duston is larger than other designer watches, making it easier to read. Whether you’re going on a first date or camping in the mountains, your Timberland Duston will compliment your entire outfit. 

3.) Gant Phoenix GT

The Gant Phoenix GT is the perfect combination of formal and casual. You can rock this timepiece just about anywhere, and the design is absolutely timeless. Many people prefer the thinner band because it adds more comfort to the wrist. Not only is the Phoenix GT stylish, but it’s also water-resistant and splash-proof.

Without a doubt, this is the watch you need if you want to bring sophistication to your style. While this is a watch designed for men, women can also rock it. 

4.) Tommy Hilfiger 1791416

Tommy Hilfiger has always been a fashion industry icon for its extremely stunning designs. Their 1791416 watch stands out from the crowd with its striking color pattern and luxurious textures. The watch offers an amazing combination of rugged and class.

The stainless steel says it all. It’s the kind of watch you would rock at a dinner party when you’re trying to impress attendees. However, you could also wear this to a more casual family gathering for its practicality. 

5.) Timberland Edgemont JS

No doubt, Timberland is one of the leaders of the outdoor men’s wear industry. From durable boots to world-class watches, the company truly has it all. The Edgemont JS watch comes with everything you need to enjoy your timepiece and look good while doing it. 

What truly makes this watch stand out are the embellished hands. Combine that with the vintage band design and you have the perfect watch for any outdoor activity. Not only is this watch suitable for the outdoors, but you can also use it to impress that special someone during a night out in town. 

6.) Timberland Raynham

Whenever shopping for a designer watch, what’s the first thing you look for? For many, it’s the boldness of the face and the elegance of the watchband. The Timberland Raynham gives you the best of both worlds, and just about everything else you can ask for in a designer watch. 

The stunning leather strap will draw eyes, and the sharp numbers on the face will catch viewers off guard when they come in for a closer look. 

7.) Timberland Jenness JSU

This watch by Timberland comes with a beautiful stainless steel case and vintage leather strap. The watch is exceptionally durable and can pair with virtually any outfit. The Jenness JSU watch truly has the perfect combination of modern and vintage, which is why it’s a favorite in Ireland. 

The numerical markings come in a unique color which contrasts beautifully with the black watch face. Any man would love to rock this timepiece in any setting, formal or casual. 

8.) Timberland 15487JSM

Timberland is normally famous for its outdoorsy products. However, the 15487JSM watch brings the elegance and status any luxurious timepiece is expected to. The steel strap is incredibly durable and the design is enough to make anyone who glances double take. 

Not only is this watch fashionable, but it’s also water-resistant. 

9.) Timberland Jaffrey 15258JSQA

Timberland is currently taking the watch industry by storm. The Jaffrey 15258JSQA is a prime example of why Timberland watches are an exceptional choice for any man looking to improve his style. This watch offers a rugged outdoorsy design all the while remaining classy enough to wear to formal events. 

10.) Timberland 15638JS02

If you’re a fan of minimalism, then this is the perfect watch for you. The 15638JS02 by Timberland offers the sleek design and durability any man looks for in a designer watch. The mineral glass and stainless steel casing are what makes this watch stand out in the crowd.

Which Brand Watch for Mens Is Best?

Finding the right brand watch depends mostly on your preferences. Some guys prefer a more classy timepiece while others want something rugged. Timberland, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger have various world-class watches in their collections. Make sure to consider your goals and budget when choosing a new watch.

What Are the Best Affordable Men’s Watches?

The best part about choosing a designer watch is that there are several affordable options on the market. If you search “men’s watches Ireland” you can find several high-quality timepieces for under €200. 

The Timberland Duston watch comes with all the features and style you need to look good in casual and formal settings for just under €80. For something in the middle, you can also opt for the Gant Phoenix GT for only €129. 


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