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10,000 refugees expected to arrive in Germany

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After Germany and Austria opened their borders to Syrians fleeing their country, it is expected that 10,000 will arrive in Munich.

German police have said that the first 1,000 of the 10,000 expected arrived early today in Munich by train. The Austrian police have estimated that 6,000 migrants have already crossed their border. Munich police said Arabic-speaking interpreters helped refugees with procedures at emergency registration centres.

Hungary’s government sent thousands of refugees to the Austrian border on buses. Waiting Austrians held signs that read, “Refugees welcome” Hungary insists that this was a one off service. Austria’s railway company has added 4,600 seats for refugees by extending trains and laying on special, non-scheduled services.

Hungary has vowed to seal its border with a high fence by September 15th in an act of what they call protecting their identity and prosperity.

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