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7-yr-old girl sadly drowns in migrant boat crossing the English Channel

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According to French officials, a boat carrying sixteen migrants collapsed in the English Channel, killing a seven-year-old child, reports Breaking News.

When the boat ran into problems early on March 3rd, the youngster who perished was sailing with her father, three siblings, and her expectant mother, according to local authorities Prefet du Nord.

Six little children, two men, and another couple were reportedly on board the “probably stolen” ship, which was not designed to accommodate that many people, according to the authorities.

They said that the other passengers had been taken to a hospital in Dunkirk and that there was no reason to believe that their lives were in danger, reports Breaking News.

Prefet du Nord said that when a pedestrian sounded the alarm, police and firemen responded to the boat at Watten’s Canal de l’Aa.

According to data released by the Home Office this week, almost 2,000 migrants have crossed the channel separating France and England to reach the UK so far this year.

The quantity of arrivals via the Channel is 32% fewer than the total (2,953) that was reported at this time last year, but 49% more than the total (1,482) at this point in 2022, reports Breaking News.

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