A little niceness goes a long way: Ryanair's half year profits soar

A little niceness goes a long way: Ryanair’s half year profits soar


The airline’s new ‘happier’ disposition is certainly paying off, as its half year profits have soared by 32%. And the company expects the second half of 2014 to be even better.

Official figures released today indicate that Ryanair has made a net profit of €795m for the first six months of this year.

On top of that, traffic grew by 4%, bringing the total number of passengers carried up to 51.3m. Average fares rose by 5%, and total revenues went up 9% to €3.537b.

A spokesman for the company said that these positive figures are due to a combination of factors; a very strong Easter period, and the success of the company’s ‘Always getting better’ initiative, which included a much better customer service experience and the relaxation of baggage restrictions.

Michael O’Leary said that these initiatives and the company’s new image are ‘delivering’, and he certainly has a point.

The company has forecast that traffic will grow by 12% in Q3 and by 20% in Q4. If these predictions do prove accurate, Ryanair’s profits will rise from €650m to anything between €750m and €770m.

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