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AA worker branded a hero after pulling small child from car seconds before crash

Image source: AA

A worker AA hero pulled a child out of a car just before an accident.

Paddy Healy, of the Northern Ireland AA Patrol, suffered a collision with several vehicles on the A6 Moneynick bypass earlier this week as he set out on a chore.

The vehicles had lost control due to black ice on an A road traveling at 100 km/h.

AA said that without concern for his own safety, Paddy secured the scene in his AA van, carrying the drivers and passengers up the grassy embankment seconds before another car lost control and collapsed where the drivers were.

Paddy continued to manage the scene, guiding people to safety while he waited for police to arrive.

When the police arrived, they too lost control and rammed the recovery truck that was at the scene of the accident.

Paddy’s last act of bravery was extricating a child from a stricken car and getting him up the embankment to safety seconds before the car was hit from behind.

A total of seven vehicles were damaged, two police cars and a tow truck.

Paddy only left the scene when the road was closed, preventing further accidents, and continued to help AA members until his shift ended later that evening.

Edmund King, President of AA said: “AA patrols are renowned for going the extra mile to help our members, but Paddy’s heroic actions during this incident were quite extraordinary,” reports The Mirror.

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