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Abandon ship: Internet Explorer will no longer be supported by Microsoft


Time is running out for users of Internet Explorer to upgrade before they are forced to abandon ship.

Microsoft released a statement warning users of the service that, with the exception of the latest version, they would cease to support Internet Explorer from next month. The most recent version, Internet Explorer 10, is the final version since the introduction of a new Microsoft browser called edge.

Users who upgrade to Windows 10 are encouraged to use this browser to ensure that they are not met with security issues or update problems. From 12 January 2016, Microsoft will no longer support Internet Explorer unless it is version 11.

An approximate 15% of Irish people still use Internet Explorer according to StatCounter. More than 11% use Internet Explorer 11 because of automatic updates that have been installed.

For those that still want to use Internet Explorer, you must make sure that it is updating correctly to continue using it after January 12. To do this, go into Control Panel > Windows Update > Check for updates.


You can turn on automatic updates by going into Change Settings instead and changing the important updates section to automatic. Alternatively, you can change to a service such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera.

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