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Revealed: Irish paedophile discovered living in quiet English village


One of Ireland’s most well-known and monstrous paedophiles has been discovered living in a quiet English village.

The “Beast of Sligo”, Joseph McColgan, moved around Devon before settling in Bampton. It is believed that he has been residing there for the past three years.

McColgan fled to Exmouth, East Devon, to start a new life as soon as he was freed from Dublin’s Arbour Hill prison almost a decade ago. He moved around for years before finally settling.

Local residents have expressed concerns about his presence in the community of Bampton. Bampton is a close knit community and McColgan is said to be living just minutes away from a local school, which has raised concerns.

McColgan, 73, tortured and raped his children and used cattle prods on them over the course of two decades. He was jailed in 1995 for the atrocities for 238 years, but was released in 2004. McColgan served just nine years of his 26 concurrent sentences – the longest of which was 12 years and imposed 18 times.

In 2010, McColgan was jailed for 18 months for not notifying police of his trip to Ireland and for 12 months consecutively for making indecent images of children. Prosecutor Malcolm Galloway said at the time that McColgan was “A highly dangerous man”.

McColgan sparked a wave of shock and horror among Bampton residents after he was spotted shopping in the quiet town on Thursday. A local cashier refused to serve him after recognising him.

A local resident approached McColgan, but was told that “he didn’t do it”. He also branded his children “liars”.

Local Councillor Carol Mares spoke up in light of the fears of local residents: “I’m not sticking up for him but at least police know where he is.

“If he has to move again he will go underground.”

A Devon and Cornwall Police source said McColgan would be monitored carefully while living in Bampton.

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