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Activist Tommy Robinson confirms he’s running for EU parliament

British activists and journalist Tommy Robinson has confirmed he will be a candidate in the upcoming European elections.

Robinson has been a thorn in the side of the British establishment for years after he first started exposing the cover up of the industrial scale of organised Muslim child rape gangs.

The former leader of the English Defence League was imprisoned last year for several months after he was arrested for contempt of court when filmed outside a report outside a court where 10 Muslim men were being tried for gang rape.

He was later realised with the charges dismissed by the court of appeals at the Old Bailey however, after releasing a documentary, titled “Panodrama”, that exposed bias and fake news at the BBC the British attorney general, Geoffrey Cox decided further charges should be pursed against him.

The charges include contempt of court and causing anxiety to the convicted gang rapists, one of whom absconded after being granted bail and has not yet been re-arrested.

Robinson is running as Independent for MEP representing the North West of England with the support of UKIP.

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