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Airlines will face higher fines for undocumented passengers

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According to the Department of Justice, more than 2,000 passport checks have been conducted on airport stairs so far this year, reports RTE.

Immigration law revisions will be presented to the Cabinet this week, and if airlines permit individuals to board without a valid passport or visa, they will be subject to harsher fines.

In 2020, the practice of checking passports on aeroplane stairs was abolished; however, it was revived last year in an effort to combat the issue of undocumented asylum seekers entering the State, reports RTE.

2,250 doorstep operations have been conducted this year on planes deemed to pose a danger of irregular migration, according to Department of Justice estimates.

Since the year’s beginning, over a hundred people have faced legal action for entering the country without proper documentation, reports RTE.

Migration rights organisations have questioned the practise of officials checking papers as travellers exit from planes.

Those who are escaping persecution may have good reason to arrive without documentation, according to the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, reports RTE.

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