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Antonio Banderas depicts Chilean miners drama in new film


Spanish actor Antonio Banderas brings to the big screen the ordeal of 33 Chilean miners who were rescued after being trapped for more than two months when their gold and copper mine collapsed in Chile’s Atacama Desert.

The film, called “The 33” will be released in Chile this Thursday, and internationally premiered during November.

Banderas will star as Mario “Super Mario” Selpuveda, who became a central character in the real life drama five years ago, after sending videos to the rescuers to notify them about the group’s condition.

“In other countries, it was seen as a great achievement by a country, that’s the reality,” he said.

The film will focus in a few characters, and will go through the whole story that caught the world’s eyes. The French Academy Award winner Juliette Binoche, the American actor James Brolin and the Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro will also star in the movie, along with Banderas.

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