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Antonio Banderas goes underground with his new movie about the Chilean Miners rescue


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The film version of the mining disaster in Chile on 2010 is due for release in Ireland at the end of the month. Called ‘The 33’ it stars Antonio Banderas who plays the leader of the group of 33 miners who become trapped underground.

The English-language Chilean survival drama film, is directed by Patricia Riggen and written by Mikko Alanne, Craig Borten and José Rivera. It is based on the real events of the 2010 mining disaster, in which a group of thirty-three miners were trapped inside the San José Mine in Chile for more than two months.

Antonio Banderas’s charcter is Mario Sepúlveda, who sent videos to the rescuers to notify them about the miners’ condition. It also stars Lou Diamond Phillips who many will remember from ‘Young Guns’ and ‘Young Guns II’, and Gabriel Byrne with an odd accent that I am still trying to fathom! The trailer shows tense scenes as the miners flee as the mine collapses around them.

“That’s not a rock. That’s the heart of the mountain. She finally broke,” says Banderas’s character in the trailer after the mine collapse. Such depictions of true stories often attract awards buzz but sadly not so for The 33. It was released last year in some countries and has a 42 percent rating on the Rotten Tomatoes site.

“The 33 offers an appropriately inspirational account of real-life heroism, but its stirring story and solid performances are undermined by a flawed focus and an overreliance on formula,” it is stated on the site.

In 2010, the eyes of the world turned to Chile, where 33 miners had been buried alive by the catastrophic explosion and collapse of a 100-year-old gold and copper mine. Over the next 69 days, an international team worked night and day in a desperate attempt to rescue the trapped men. It made headlines across the world and no sooner was it over that there was talk about it being turned into a film.

In the movie there is a lot of focus on the anguish of the families as they wait to hear news. Heading the female cast is French actress Juliette Binoche from ‘The English Patient’ from 1996 and ‘Chocolat’ in 2000.

Banderas (55) has stepped out of his comfort zone over the last number of years and has played for example the mercenary Gaigo in The Expendables 3 in 2014 and as an insurance agent of the ROC robotics corporation in science fiction film ‘Automata’ in 2014 also. He has a number of upcoming projects in the pipeline, including ‘Dear Mister Obama’ in which he is playing Pablo Cartero.

Banderas once dominated the screen in films such as ‘Desperado’ in 1995 and he is getting back to leading man duties now and has signed on for ‘Security’ alongside Ben Kinglsey in which a security guard protects a woman who is being targeted by a gang for participating as a trial witness. It is due for release in 2017.















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