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Beauty Queen who drove 187kph escapes driving ban and gets €500 fine instead



Miss Limerick 2010, Gemma Reilly – was fined €500 after pleading guilty to speeding on the Ennis to Gort motorway on March 3.

Ms Reilly entered the plea after being clocked driving her mother’s Mercedes 220 at 187kph about (120mph) a 120kph (70mph) zone at Srangalloon, Co Clare.

Ms Reilly told the court: “I agree with the garda’s evidence that I was speeding.” Judge Patrick Durcan asked Ms Reilly to go into the witness box “and tell me why you were driving at 187km per hour”.

She told the Judge she was on the way to see her dentist who is based in Galway “and I was extremely late for an appointment. I was driving my mother’s car and didn’t realise how fast I was going”.

She insisted her usual driving behaviour is quite normal: “I’m usually very diligent. I drive a 1.4 Golf myself. I have never been speeding before.”

The Judge fined Ms Reilly €500 for the speeding offence and said: “I am not disqualifying you from holding a driver’s licence because you have been absolutely honest in how you have dealt with the matter and I want to commend you on that.”

“I must penalise you by virtue of the speed you were travelling at. If I had detected any element of dishonesty in your evidence I would have disqualified you, but I must say I found your honesty refreshing. Thank you.”

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