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Bebo returning but in a different way


One of the biggest social networking sites of the 00’s, Bebo has been resurrected with what developers call a new chat based app.

The highly anticipated return was announced today after rumors were circulating that the popular social networking site was to reform. It is believed that developers at Bebo have promised that will have three major new apps out in 2014, and while there are still a few weeks and a few apps off target (they’ve got a few weeks to make good on that), it is understood that they have started beta testing for one of those apps, and it’s is believed to be a chat-based number that might look to take some of the limelight away from the current number one chat based app Whatsapp.

Bebo say the new app being developed can only be currently seen by invite for beta testers only. Although those who have seen the new app have given it a good a review stating that there is  hashtags, avatars, and plenty of other fun features that they hope will lure users from otherchat based applications.

The company was famously sold to AOL $850m back in 2008 and then bought back by its original founders for $1m dollars in 2013 after it went bankrupt.

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