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Brave Dublin student who battled cancer receives 8 A1’s in her Leaving Certificate


A brave Dublin student who has battled thyroid cancer has received 8 A1’s in her Leaving Certificate yesterday.

19 year old Megan Ross from St Joseph of Cluny Secondary School Dublin had originally planned to sit her Leaving Cert in June 2013, but following a shock diagnosis of thyroid cancer young Megan was forced to take five months off school and postpone her exams.

Ms told reporters on receiving her results. “I was out of school from September to February and decided not to sit my exams that year,” the 19-year-old said. “This gave me extra time to do my application for the States.”

Ms Ross underwent major surgery to remove her thyroid and will have to take medication for life, but she says the illness was “just a setback rather than something that was really serious”.

Ms Ross plans on furthering her studies in Harvard, she was accepted last March and plans to study applied maths in the US.

Although, the current American university system means that she doesn’t have to settle on a particular course right away. Ms Ross explained: “I’ll take the relevant classes for the first year and declare the concentration in second year,”.

The honour student from Glenageary is now understood to be preparing for her proposed  move to the US, Ms Ross said of the big move “It’s kind of terrifying but exciting too. I’ve already been in touch with my roommate and I’m excited to meet all these great new people from all over the world.”

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