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Bring your wellies to the parade! Met Eireann predicts “plenty of rain” for St. Patrick’s Day

Met Eireann has released its official forecast for St Patrick’s Day 2023, confirming that Ireland can expect “plenty of rain” with temperatures possibly reaching 16C.

According to the Irish Mirror, weather conditions should be standard for this time of year, although Ireland has had its fair share of extreme and unusual weather events over the years on March 17th.

St. Patrick’s Day, which falls in early spring, can bring different weather conditions to Ireland.

Over the years, St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland has seen heavy snow, tropical temperatures and even a tornado, reports The Mirror.

Met Eireann explains in its new climate statistics report: “The location of high and low pressure systems around Ireland can lead to cold arctic air-masses moving down from the north, or warm tropical air-masses moving up from the south,” reports The Mirror.

Unusual extreme weather events have been reported on St. Patrick’s Day in the past.

Met Éireann said: “In 1995 a tornado was reported in Co Meath. Ireland lay in a very unstable and cold north-westerly airflow associated with a deep depression to the north of Scotland. This brought heavy wintry showers, with thunderstorms reported at both Mullingar and Shannon Airport before midday. Thunderstorms were widely reported through the afternoon as a showery trough moved across the country,” reports The Mirror.

While there have been no named storms on St. Patrick’s Day in recent years, it can often be windy.

The National Forecaster said: “A very mild tropical maritime air-mass moved over the country from the south between the 16th and 20th in 2005. During this warm period 19.6C was recorded at Ashford (Cronykeery), Co Wicklow, which is the highest temperature recorded on St Patrick’s day since 1940,” reports The Mirror.

After a few days of rain, bad weather will continue across Ireland until St. Patrick’s Day.

Met Eireann Meteorologist Mark Bowe said: “Low pressure is set to dominate proceedings for St. Patrick’s day this year. An area of low pressure will move close to the southwest coast of Ireland this Friday 17th and will feed in plenty of showers across southern counties at first, before the showers spread further north throughout the country for the afternoon and evening. Some of the showers will be heavy at times too, especially for those of you in the south and west,” reports The Mirror.

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