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Chinese man with stomach pains diagnosed as female


A man from China’s Zhejiang province who checked into hospital after experiencing stomach aches and blood in his urine has been diagnosed as female.

The man who is naned Chen had a series of scans, doctors informed him that he had a complete set of female reproductive organs. Genetic testing also showed he had pairs of X chromosomes making him genetically female.

Chen 44 is believe to have begun menstruating. The doctor at the Yongkang hospital told local media that the patient attended the hospital with his wife to whom he married 10 years ago.

Since he arrived calling himself a male dressed and groomed – the medical staff had no reason to think otherwise. That is, until they ran a CAT scan, and discovered a uterus and ovaries.

It is believed that “Genetic testing formed a large part of the diagnosis.” Doctor’s found On closer inspection, that Chen did not to have an Adam’s apple or normal male genitalia, despite his claim that he had sex with his wife.

Doctors have since diagnosed Chen, with congenital adrenal hyperplasia a group of several mutations that can cause unusual sex hormone production.

According to medical research the possible side-effects of the condition is the existence of ambiguous genitalia, as well as non-standard development of secondary sexual characteristics.

Chen is understood to have lived with the condition for 44 years without treatment, resulting in a tumour on his adrenal glands, which doctors removed.

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