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Clampdown on dodgy clampers: New regulations set to be introduced soon


Vehicle clamping is, and always have been, a very blunt and controversial tool used, and sometimes abused, by public and private operators alike. Complaints of rough and unfair treatment, and some dodgy characters doing the clamping have given rise to a plethora of complaints for quite some time.

Now, motorists in Ireland may see an easing of the clamping situation, as the Vehicle Clamping Bill 2014 reached its second stage in the Dail yesterday.

The bill was introduced by Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe, whose vision is to pioneer a new set of clamping regulations.

If the bill is passed, as it is expected to do, the issue of clamping would fall under the remit of the National Transport Authority (NTA).

The bill makes provisions for capped clamp-release charges, mandatory provision of appropriate signage and the establishment of a two-tier clamping appeals system, among a raft of other measures.

The proposed bill includes a default release charge of €100 and a vehicle relocation charge of €50.

Also, the NTA may lay out a code of practice to provide practical guidance for car park owners and clamping operators in the fair performance and execution of their duties.

Over 56,000 vehicles were clamped in Dublin alone last year, raising more than €4.2m in revenue for Dublin City Council.

Overall, more than €88m was collected from parking charges and fines in 2014 nationwide.

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