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#1 Budget: Ministers warned to keep Budget discussions behind closed doors. The warning follows Leo Varadkar’s public dressing down by Taoiseach Enda Kenny after Varadkar’s voiced concerns about budget overruns in the Health department. Ministers are to keep such concerns and discussions undisclosed and private until Budget Day.

#2 iPhone6: Apple’s new flagship device finally unveiled at event in California. The iPhone6 was presented by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, along with an enhanced device called iPhone 6 Plus, which features a larger screen and several other improvements, and a smartwatch deemed the Apple Watch. Mr Cook referred to the new handsets as “the biggest advancement in the history of iPhone”.

#3 Scotland Referendum: The three main party leaders in the UK head to Scotland today to campaign in relation to the upcoming referendum. Some political commentators have branded such last minute campaigning move “an act of desperation”.

#4 RTE: National broadcaster lambasted over scant coverage of the Giant Granny event in Limerick last weekend.

#5 Shipwreck: Underwater wreckage of the doomed Franklin expedition has been located 36ft below the surface off Canada’s northern coast. The expedition’s two ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, mysteriously vanished in 1845 while on their journey to traverse Canada’s Northwest Passage. It was subsequently reported that the crew descended into cannibalism to survive. It remains unclear which one of the ships has been found.


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