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#1 Scotland referendum: 4 million Scots go to the polls today to decide the future of their nation. The “No” camp currently has a slight advantage, but the final result is far from clear.

#2 Thailand murders: No DNA match with any of the prime suspects in this murder case. Results indicate that samples taken from the suspects do not match DNA material found on Hanna Wetheridge’s body. some 11 Burmese migrant workers have so far been arrested in connection with the case.

#3 Property: Rents on the rise nationwide, with a particularly marked increase in Dublin. Rents outside Dublin have increased an average of 2.6% when compared with this time last year. In the nation’s capital however, private rents have seen a 10.5% price increase when compared with the same time point.

#4 Stabbing: Man is stabbed and has his wallet stolen in Belfast this morning. Two men approached the 35-year-old victim in a North Belfast area at around 4:20am, took his wallet, and stabbed him the thigh and arm. Police are appealing for witnesses.

#5 Lotto: Single ticket holder scoops jackpot prize of 4.8 million. The winning ticket was sold somewhere in the North West of the country.

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